Belgian Craft Beer at the Crafter Bar Moscow.

Belgian Craft Beer at the Crafter Bar Moscow.

My debut as a host at the beer tasting was yesterday at the Crafter Bar, a very fine beer establishment just a short stroll from Kremlin.

The main intention was to introduce to the Moscow’s beer enthusiasts some releases from Belgian brewieries that more or less fit into the designation of craft beer. There is no doubt  De Dochter van de Korenaar and Hof Ten Dormaal  are craft brewers in the strictest sense: they are small, they experiment all the time, the range of their beers is very far from routine – and these beers are very well…crafted, they are simply great (well, most of them).

There were also 2 bottles from the producers that are not small but sometimes they brew beers not intended for mass distribution, these are adventurous brews and a challenge to the brewers. They are rare, in a few month only a few bottles will be left in the world to tempt the connoisseurs.

The first one was Spontanbasil, a joint effort of Lindemans  and  Mikkeller, an oude geuze with basil leaves added – and felt very distinctly while savoring that brew. The second is a very nice-looking perfect-as-a-gift (but not so exciting to taste) bottle of 120th anniversary 1894 Oak & Hops from De Brabandere (ex.Bavik)

All the beers were brought to Moscow from a trip sponsored by VisitFlanders. Special thanks to Vassily Smirnov and the Crafter Bar for providing a perfect venue for the introduction of these exquisite beers.

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